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Dialysis System MDS-101
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Dialysis System MDS-101


Slim & smart

Compact design enlargens operation space.

High visibility and simplified procedures

Operation with touch panel.

Secured ultrafiltration system

Exact water draining volume can be fixed.

Easy maintenance

Good accessability to the inside of the machine.

High visibility and simplified procedures

A 12-inch TFT touch panel display enhances easy operation and all fundamental procedures.

Mode 1:
The UF rate is calculated automatically when the UF volume and treatmenttime are set.
Mode 2:
The treatment time is calculated automatically when the UF volume and UF rate are set.

Eight pre - set UF rates and sodium concentrations in the dialysate profile patterns are available as standard. An additional eight profile patterns can be customized. This function provides staff with simplified operation to select specific treatment parameters.

When an alarm occurs, an alarm window pops up on the screen showing the alarm number and description. At the same time, an audible alarm sounds and a status indicator illuminates.

Text - based instructions and diagrams shown on the screen ensures ease of use for staff when performing adjustment procedures.

History data including operation, alarms and status changes are stored in the system and displayed in chronological order for review.

Three panels - the front panel and both lateral panels - can be fully opened to aid staff by providing enhanced visibility and accessibility to interior parts for maintenance. The lateral panels are also removable.

Dimension and Weight Dimension: 310W x 440D x 1380H(mm) (Excluding IV pole and status indicator)
Installation space: 495W x 655D (mm)
Weight: Approximately 75kg (Without option)
Power Supply AC110, 220, 240V 50Hz/60Hz 1.3kVA (~2.1kVA)
Blood Pump back-up battery
Water Supply Water pressure: 69 to 300 kPa at water flow rate more than 1000 mL/min
Water temperature: 5 to 30 ℃
Dialysate Dialysate concentration: 130 to 159 mmol/L
Bicarbonate concentration: 20 to 35 mmol/L
Na profile: 130 to 180 mmol/L
Flow rate: 300 to 600 mL/min
Temperature: 34 to 39.9 ℃
Ultrafiltration System: Closed loop circuit + UF pump
UF rate: 0 to 5.00 L/h
UF profile: 0 to 150 %
Accuracy: ±30 mL/h
Blood Pump Flow rate: 0, 50 to 600 mL/min (ID8.5, OD12mm tube)
0, 30 to 360 mL/min (ID6.4, OD9.6mm tube)
Accuracy: ±20 mL/h
Syringe Pump Syringe size: 10, 20 and 30 mL
Flow rate: 0, 0.3 to 9.9 mL/h (0.1 mL step) with bolus function
Monitoring System
(with alarm setting)
Venous pressure: -100 to +400 mmHg
Arterial pressure: -200 to +400 mmHg
TMP: -100 to +500 mmHg
Dialysate pressure: -500 to +300 mmHg
Blood leak detector: Optical sensor, 500 ppm (Hct 25%)
Air detector: Ultrasonic, 0.07 to 0.5 mL at blood flow of 200 mL/min
Rinsing/Disinfection Chemical disinfection and acid rinsing with automatic rinse
Disinfectant: 4 to 6 % sodium hypochiorite recommended
Dilution ratio 1:10, 1:35 or 1:64 can be selected.
Acid rinse: 30% acetic acid recommended
Dilution ratio 1:10, 1:20 or 1:30 can be selected.
Options Substitution fluid pump
Arterial line air detector
Blood pressure manometer
Dialysate filter systems
Hot rinse system (110V compliant machine is not equipped with hot rinse system)
PBC (Powder bicarbonate cartridge )